Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mom's don't always want monetary gifts, think about what you can do that will make her happy.

Has she asked you to pick up your room or another part of the house?
Are there projects she has been waiting for you to do?
Has it been years since you lived in the house and yet you still have stuff there taking up space that your mom could use for other things (i.e. a hobby, office, new clothes, guest room, exercise room)? Does your bedroom look exactly as it did when you left?

Surprise her by tackling some of the projects she has been asking for.

For those of you who haven't taken the time to clean out your bedroom at your parent's house...
Consider what real estate costs today. Is it fair to leave your room as a shrine and not help your parents by cleaning it out and allowing them to use it? Next time you are home, take a look at what you have in the room.

Most likely there are some things that remind you of experiences you had. Decide whether they are items you have kept for the memory or if the item itself is really important to you. If you have kept things for the memory, consider taking a picture and then getting rid of the items. It is the memory that is important, not the object. If the object is really important to you, take it with you to where you are living now. You can't honor it and enjoy it if you can't see it.

If you want to buy a gift, consider what she has been needing or wanting. Does she need more storage? Does she want a place to sort the mail? Does she have adequate file space? Is she having trouble reaching things in the kitchen? Research some solutions for her or give her a gift certificate for a place she will enjoy.

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