Saturday, September 1, 2007

In The News!

The Contra Costa Times ran an article written by Colette Lamm in the newspaper on Saturday, September 1, 2007. The title of the article is "Right desk and tools key to children's productivity".

Great Tools Come In Small Packages

One of my favorite organizing tools is plastic drawers. They make it easy to separate items into different categories. Sterlite makes a very small set of three drawers that works well for a number of uses.

1) On Your Desk
2) Cabinets In The Kitchen
3) Work Bench
4) Art Supply Room

Examples of items to put in them...
1) pens, pencils, highlighters, permanent ink pens
2) stamps
3) electronic equipment, instructions, and cords (cell phone, camera, voice recorder, ipod)

The key is story grouping the items into categories and then making sure each type of item has its own drawer.

While the Sterilite container in this picture works well, I prefer plastic drawers whose handle is built in as one solid piece into the drawer. When purchasing plastic drawers, always check every corner to make sure the drawers are not cracked.