Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Welcome to the Organizing Guide

I am a Professional Organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to help people with organizing projects. My favorite aspect is looking at how we use space and setting it up more efficiently. Of course, seeing the smile on someone's face when they look around at their newly organized space is always nice too!

Do you have projects you have been meaning to get to or areas that always drive you crazy? The purpose of my blog is to provide organizing tips, news, articles, and other information. Take a look, there may be a great tip to use on your next trip, a hidden gem for creating space where you never thought you had it, or information on resources in your neck of the woods.

Did you know there is a whole network of Professional Organizers out there to help you get through your next project? The information here will help you brainstorm ideas, but there is nothing like having someone by your side guiding you, making the project more manageable, and cheering you on.

If you would like help on an organizing challenge, feel free to submit a question. I may include it and my suggestions here on the blog so others can benefit from it as well. If you would like further guidance and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, take a look at For other regions, take a look at


Colette Lamm

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